Where to Buy HCG for Injections - Fast Escrow Refills

Where to Buy RX HCG for Injections or Drops- Fast Escrow Refills

Escrow Refills has recently undergone some company changes and are now operating as a new company and site, fastescrowrefills.net

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Fast Escrow Refills carries real prescription hCG that is made and shipped from overseas.  This is separate from the 3 different U.S. hCG companies that It’s up to you what you feel most comfortable with – overseas hCG or U.S. made hCG. I believe in people having choices, so I present these to you here on my blog for you to compare and to choose what is the right option in your situation.

I have used the hormone from this company for 4 of my 5 rounds with great success in the past.  I have tested every single vial I’ve ever used from them with a pregnancy test and it has always tested positive, as well as many hundreds and hundreds of people who have ordered through me that I’ve never received a complaint from.
Overseas hormone like this is the most inexpensive option for doing the weight loss protocol with the real hormone, so if pricepoint is the most important factor for you, Fast Escrow Refills is the company for you.
The hormone comes in powder form (as any hCG you purchase that is said to be prescription should) and can be mixed to use either for HCG injections or drops, sometimes known as sublingual hCG. With any type of hCG drops that claims to be real pharmaceutical hCG, at least as far as I know, it should not be purchased pre-mixed. The hCG goes bad very quickly if it’s not kept refrigerated at all times once it’s been mixed for use.

The hCG powder/tablet will have an expiration date on the bottle- usually at least 1 year, if not 2 or 3 years out.  Once you mix the hormone however, you will need to use it up usually within about 3 weeks before it loses it’s potency significantly.

To Buy hCG from Fast Escrow Refills

Go to fastescrowrefills.net

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