Dos and Don’ts for High Blood Pressure Patients

Unhealthy lifestyle may be the resion to raise the level of blood pressure. As blood pressure level increases you risk of heart attack also increases. you need to follow some healthy habits to control you blood pressure level. So Fast Escrow Refills sharing some dos and donts for the people living with high blood pressure.


Eat less salt: Who doesn’t know that? You may think this is the most common tip thrown around to and by even those who do not suffer from high blood pressure. But, this advice falls to your ears frequently because it is also the most exploited one. While it is known that reducing salt intake can even help a patient to stop medication, people leave it on the medication to help them deal with their disease instead of giving up salt. Moreover, a large portion of the salt you eat is not the one that you put in your food, but from already prepared foods such as breakfast cereals, bread, ready meals, etc.

Eat more fruits and vegetables:
Eating healthy fruits and vegetables it self takes responsibility of lowering your blood pressure level. If you need to control your blood pressure level then you need to eat more fruits and green vegetables.

Weight Control:

Obesity may lead to high blood pressure. You need to take proper care of your weight. If you find sudden increase in your weight then this is the bad sign for you blood pressure. This will increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.


drink alcohol:
Alcohol is the main reason to sudden rise in your blood pressure. The present recommended limit of alcohol per week for men is 21 units and for women it is 14 units. If you go beyond this limit then you are inviting heart attack and stroke type of disease.

Sleep less:
Sleep is the most important part of your body’s functioning. If you are not taking enough sleep then slowly it will start affecting your health. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is must for better functioning of your body.

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